Hello, and welcome to my personal style blog, The Style Gospel!

I started The Style Gospel as a fun way to document and share my love for all things fashion, beauty, travel, and decor. Whether it’s a favorite handbag, a newly discovered lipstick or a delicious recipe, I love to share the things I enjoy. Here at The Style Gospel, you’ll find a bunch of outfit posts, my favorite finds from the latest sales, and other general musings.

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The 411

I prefer…

Mornings to night. Coffee to tea. Winter vacations to summer vacations. (Hey, I live where it’s summer year round!) Β Football to basketball. Sushi to steak. Christian Bale as Batman.

I dislike…

rude people, clothes labeled ‘dry clean only’

I love…

a clean house, a good meal, vacations, holding hands, Saturdays